Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC, Home Owners Love Custom Closets with Secret Compartments

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Friday, April 06, 2018

Residents in the Hilton Head, Bluffton and Beaufort, SC, areas have lots of stuff that need hiding or concealment. Everything from hand guns/ammo, rifles, passports, wills, insurance papers, jewelry, etc. need a secure place that’s hidden, fireproof, and easy to access in case of emergency.
Most people use their master closet because it’s close, handy, private, and not in a high traffic area. In the past few years, South Carolina homeowners have requested that hidden compartments or bolted-in- place safes be included in their new custom closet renovation.

Keep the Honest People Honest

Safes come in many sizes, shapes and weights. A small unit measuring fourteen inches wide by fourteen inches deep by twenty inches high will fit on a secure shelf above a bank of drawers. At Closet & Cabinet Experts, aka The Closet Specialist, the safe is bolted to the unit and the wall studs beyond. Put a door in front and you keep the honest people honest. Bad guys entering your home with crowbars will tear the closet apart, remove the safe entirely and open it at a remote location.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

For smaller valuables, a hidden compartment with an illusion front totally hides the space which only you know. This is often custom built into the trim or toe kicks. These fronts can be locked using magnetic locking hardware so no handles, slides or hinges are exposed. Other illusion fronts could be false walls, closet partitions or alcoves behind the custom closet shelving system.

Vaults Inside Your Closet

When converting a guest room into a master walk-in closet, the existing reach-in closet can act as a vault behind the hanging systems. Recently on Hilton Head, Closet & Cabinet Experts created a full length mirror with hidden hinges that pivot open to expose the large safe beyond. From the front, no one realizes that the mirror can pivot. Other options include shoe shelf towers that separate apart on heavy duty slides to reveal the vault beyond.

Weapons Secure but Readily Available

A man’s home is his castle. It must be protected along with its contents and especially its occupants. Responsible adults will protect their kids and grandkids by hiding their firearms. The master closet is the most secure and private area in a home. Gun safety is paramount but, when and if the weapon is needed, there can be no hesitation. The unfortunate reality is that “when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes”. Not good enough if your family is faced with imminent danger.

If you happen to own the ‘Star of the Ocean’ (Titanic movie) or a Ming Dynasty vase, Closet & Cabinet Experts suggest you rent a bank safety deposit box. If, however, your loving husband is taking you out on the town for an anniversary, you want to dress for the occasion. If it’s a three day weekend and you pull your valuables from a bank on Friday, it’s comforting to know that a hidden closet compartment is available until Tuesday morning when the valuables can be returned to the bank.

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Jacob Parrack - Thursday, April 05, 2018

With new home construction and major remodeling projects booming in growing Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC, HOUSING prices are soaring. Homeowners are sitting tight and considering less expensive ways to stretch their living space. Organizing existing closets and storage spaces has become a top priority. Rather than adding on, home owners are evaluating whether they are fully utilizing the space they already have.

For the Person with Everything and No Place to Put It

Bluffton, SC, is, like most communities, a community of collectors. Americans cannot bear to get rid of anything, so they continue to accumulate “stuff”. The biggest problem is finding room for more while not having enough space for what we already have.

The largest single space for personal belongings is the master closet. The rage in the ‘80s and ‘90s was ventilated wire shelving. The myth was that ventilated meant your clothes would not mildew because air could circulate around the garments. Here in Low Country South Carolina, air conditioning and heating registers are provided in walk-in closets, and two-foot deep reach-in closets enjoy the same circulation as the adjacent, conditioned living space. The big advantage of wire shelving was cost, but while you were counting the savings, your clothes were resembling Ripples potato chips, your first-tier hanging garments touched the floor, and your upper-tier garments overlapped the lower tier.

A truly organized closet needs to be totally adjustable. Both hang-rods and shelving need to accommodate your needs and wants. Some women like to hang dark slacks long, either by the waist or cuffs. This eliminates the dust line which often appears when slacks are folded over the hanger. When a professional closet designer inspects a closet, part of the interview includes questioning the client about his or her needs and wants. Eg., do you hang your golf shirts because you like to, or because there is not adequate shelf space on which to fold them?

When space efficiency is of utmost importance, flexibility in habits can help. A simple example would be a hanging section 24” wide by 40” high. An average height person can hang 16 to 18 shirts in that space. By replacing the hang-rods with three adjustable shelves 24” wide you can stack twin columns of 8-10 shirts high on each shelf and store more than 48 shirts – three times as many in the same space!

It’s 7:00 AM – Do You Know Where Your Shoes Are?

Nothing is more frustrating than finding one shoe and knowing you have another one just like it buried somewhere amongst the closet carnage. An organized closet gets everything off the floor onto a hang-rod or shelf, or inside a drawer or basket. Stop to think how much money you have invested in your current personal wardrobe, then take a look at the closet system that stores this investment.

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

How can you face the day when you are spending half your morning looking for something to wear? Imagine walking into your Bluffton, SC, custom closet first thing in the morning, and all the clothes you own are “standing at attention”. Everything is in plain sight – shoes aren’t missing, and hanging clothes aren’t crushed together. In addition to being fully adjustable, modern melamine closet systems are flexible, expandable, interchangeable and accessible. A series of drilled holes spaced 32mm (1-1/4”) apart allows the owner to readjust or totally rearrange the storage system to meet his or her changing needs.

Closets can be a “Deal Breaker” 

For home re-sale, organized closets are the crowning jewel, and many home owners are convinced that closets and storage systems can either make or break the deal. If a woman buyer walks into a small or cluttered closet, she will project her belongings into that closet. If she feels that her stuff could never fit into that space, it’s game over. A Hilton Head closet customer recently told me she sold her house in five days last December, and she’s convinced that her organized closets closed the deal. She moved to Hampton Hall in Bluffton, SC, and had Closet & Cabinet Experts, aka The Closet Specialist, install her new closets in her new house. She stated, “Once you’ve had organized closets you can never go back.”

Local Hilton Head, Bluffton and Beaufort, SC, realtors agree that closets are a top concern for home buyers. Organized closets have become the least expensive room addition. While you appreciate the value of your closets, your closets appreciate the value of your home. 

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