Custom Closet Designers Help You Get to Work on Time

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Wednesday, February 01, 2017

You’re running a little late this morning. You skip the coffee refill and figure you can make up the time in the shower. As you fly through your bedroom with a mascara wand in one hand and your new slacks in the other, you glance at the clock. You’ve just about got yourself back on track. “If I can get out the door in the next five minutes, I’ll be set,” you tell yourself. All you’ve got to do is put your shoes on and grab your purse and… where’s that other shoe? You scramble through your closet looking for the mate to the only heel that works with the outfit you’re wearing. Your other 60 pairs of shoes mock you as you make the tough decision to change your outfit and wear the open-toed slingbacks. You are 15 minutes late getting to your car. Who knows what traffic is going to be like? You’ll never make it on time. Now you get to sit on the highway, listen to the radio hosts remind you of exactly how late you are, all the while imagining the fall-out from your belated arrival. Again.

In your clamor to get out the door, you probably didn’t hear the cry for help. It was coming from the back of your closet. Under the laundry basket. Next to the purse you think you lost. That lonely heel who won’t see daylight today should be right up front in your closet. But it isn’t and cries out, "Please get me to a professional closet organizer".

Jeff Klein, President of the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals, ACSP, and local owner of Closet Specialist, thinks you need professional help. “If you start your day in chaos, it just degenerates from there. If you wake up in the morning and you’re late, you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you grab something off the shelf and everything is so jammed and wrinkled that you can’t wear it, it just gets you off to a bad start,” he says. “Most successful people are successful because they’re organized. What better way to start your day than to walk into your custom organized closet and have everything you own standing at attention, saying ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it’s either in the laundry room or dry cleaners or your daughter has borrowed it!”

Now is a great time to organize your closet. “Your whole attitude changes instantly,” says Klein. Hiring a professional closet organizing company to install an adjustable closet system in your house is an investment that will have short term and long term returns. Today’s closets can adjust to meet your growing needs – and adapt to the needs of the next owner of the home.

“There are a lot of professionals – builders, interior designers, remodelers, real estate agents – who know the benefit of an organized closet that’s fully adjustable, which means it is fully changeable. You can change the height of the rods and convert shelving to hanging and hanging to shelving, insert drawers, etc. Many people use the closet system as a good selling point,” he says. “What’s happened now in the housing market, a lot of people are not building that newer, bigger, better house, but they’re staying in their home longer than they thought. They need organization, and efficient space. Now it’s worth it to them to get an organized closet. A custom closet adds value to your life now...and value to home later.

Experts agree that, along with kitchen and bathrooms, closets can factor heavily into a decision to buy a home. “I’ve spoken to real estate agents in Savannah & Hilton Head and in many cases, a cluttered or small closet can be a deal breaker. When a woman home buyer walks into a master closet, the first thing she’ll do is project her stuff in that closet,” he says. If her 'stuff' won't fit in there....'game over'.

Expect a professional to come to your home and give you a personalized evaluation. “They’ll look at the closet, take an inventory of the possessions – count the number of shoes and observe the way people store things. Then they’ll ask questions. ‘I noticed that you fold your slacks over the hanger. Is that the way you prefer to do that or do you do it because the fixed rod in your closet will not allow you to hang your slacks long?’” he offers. “Some people like to hang slacks long from the waist or the cuff so they don’t get that dust line that appears when you fold the slack over the hanger.”

Consider these questions:

  • Do you have adequate drawer space in your bedroom or would you like drawers in your closet?
  • Where do you keep your hamper? Would you like two hampers, one for dry cleaning and one for laundry, or maybe one for whites and one for darks? Or maybe his and hers hampers?
  • Would you like a safe? What would you like store in the safe? Important papers or maybe some jewelry that you don’t have time to take back to the safe deposit box? Would you like to hide the safe so only you know it’s there.
  • Do you have a hard time reaching things at the top of your closet? Would you like a stepladder at your disposal, yet out of the way?

Some designers will then sit down and design the closet right there with you. Others will use computer programs to create a 3-D rendering of your new closet space. “A lot of people have trouble looking at a two-dimensional line drawing and visualizing what their closet will be like,” says Klein.

Extending well beyond closets, home organization systems can be addicting. Once your closet is in order, you’ll want to get your garage done. Then the home office. Then the pantry…Klein exclaims, “Once you’ve had an organized storage system installed…..you can never go back.”

Getting your home organized is a task that will yield rewards for years to come. Having a designated place for all of your clothes and other belongings will free up your mind so you can concentrate on other things. Like getting out the door on time.

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