Building a New Home

Building a New Home and Don't Want to Make the Same Storage Mistakes You Did Last Time?

Building a new home gives you a golden opportunity to finally design for your storage needs the way you've always dreamed of. The biggest obstacle to great closet design is OBSTACLES: 

  • That mis-located light switch
  • Wrong swing on the closet door
  • Attic pull down stairs that interferes with otherwise precious space
  • Access holes for plumbing, jacuzzis, etc.
  • Odd angles in walls or sloping ceilings

All these obstacles can be avoided at no cost to you if you act quickly & can get this information to your architect, designer, remodeler or builder on time.

By eliminating obstacles, your closets & storage spaces have 'the potential' of being space efficient, adding value to your life and adding value to your home.

Send Away for Our Free Booklet 'Things You Can Do to Create More Storage Space at NO Additional Cost'

For decades home owners have complained, "If only the builders had done......differently, we would have had so much more useful storage space.

Homeowners repeatedly complain that valuable space has been squandered because someone didn't plan in advance.

Fill in the Request Form to receive the latest ACSP (Association of Closet & Storage Professionals) Planning Guide. This 20 oage booklet was designed and produced by Jeff Klein for architects, builders & homeowners. It shows how by simply applying 'best practices' during design phase or early construction phase, owners can create much, much more storage space.

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