Closets are 'Deal Breaker"

Want to Sell Your Home But the Closets are Going to be a 'Deal Breaker". What to Do?

Real Estate Agents everywhere will tell you...."When Momma ain't happy....ain't nobody happy".

Every woman buyer looking for a new home will walk into the master closet and 'immediately' project 'her' clothes in 'that' closet. If she instantly determines that it will not work.....game over.

Homeowners (sellers) are evaluating a minimal cost solution by installing our 'skeleton' closet system and thereby increasing the appeal to the prospective buyer.

The 'skeleton' is a basic closet system, at minimal cost, that allows the seller (or buyer) to expand, rearrange, modify and add to an existing storage system. This is accomplished by using the 32mm construction method, developed in Europe in 1946, and used throughout out the Closet & Storage Industry today.

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